Why Read?

Submitted by Andrew on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 20:50

After taking nearly a decade off from creating blog content, I'm been a little disengaged from the blogosphere.  It seems as if bloging is passe or  uninteresting and boring. Perhaps more fleeting and perfunctory content or multimedia has over shadowed blogs and blogging. Is it possible to create a successful blog in 2018?

Has twitter and video killed the blog star?

If it has, is this due to people losing the desire to read longer content? Or is it more so due to people being busy and a lack of time? Do they feel that reading is not important? Do they feel like they don't get much out of reading or retain what they have read?

And what about reading even longer formats? Are people still reading, buying books, and is the printed word going out of style? 

Between my finger and my thumb 
The touchscreen rests. 
I’ll dig with it.